Banana Experience

“Farmers don’t live by bananas alone, nor do tourists live by sun and sand alone”.

With the experience acquired in the fields of cultural, environmental and ethnographic education, we promote synergies between the agricultural sector, the educational sector and the tourist sector, disseminating the agricultural activity of the banana as a historical-cultural part of a territory, didactically showing the unique agronomic characteristics of banana cultivation, bringing the local and foreign population, children and adults, closer to the socio-economic activities that coexist in La Costa de Las Galletas (Arona).

This process of agricultural expansion also coincided in time with the tourist development of the Tenbel-Costa del Silencio housing estate, located next to the fishing village of Las Galletas, a pioneer in a model of quality that is still in force and set on an abrupt badlands, which they knew how to respect as landscaped areas.

The main characteristics of this farm are to achieve maximum productivity by combining traditional cultural work and the application of modern techniques, under the agrarian model of Integrated Production.

Two varieties of the Canary Island banana are grown on this farm, the large dwarf and the large palm or small dwarf, of the Dwarf Cavendish variety, reaching an average of 45-50 kg per bunch, with specimens exceeding 70 kg. The cultivated area is approximately 8 ha. with 98% bananas and 2% fruit trees such as mango, papaya and avocado. It has a tack room, EL CUARTITO, fitted out as a space for rest, workshops, tastings, exhibition and shop.

Little by little we are consolidating this work project, maintaining the simplicity and authenticity of an agricultural space. All of which makes for great satisfaction on the part of the people who visit us.

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