Quiénes somos

Finca Las Margaritas

Between bananas and volcanoes

a space to know
a culture to discover
an agriculture to figure out


On the Coast of Las Galletas in the town of Arona, is the area of the largest greenhouse banana plantation in Tenerife. In this volcanic territory the  palm farmers developed a huge industry since the 70s century,  this was done to improve the production of the Canary plantain and  to export more than 26 tons each year to mainland Spain and  the European market.



Finca Las Margaritas begins with the cultivation of plantain in 1977, the union and entrepreneurship of several family members Adolfo Guerra González and Margarita Hernández Pérez . Both come from a long family saga of banana farmers from S/C de La Palma and San Andrés y Sauces.


Like the rest of the nearby farms, Finca Las Margaritas overcame some difficult conditions of the territory for the agricultural implantation: strong insolation and wind, volcanic lava flows, no availability of water, large capital investments and machinery, poor soils in organic matter, and in which ancient terraces were also used for the cultivation of tomatoes.





they extended 800 ha. of banana trees